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Every day we come into contact with millions of microbes including harmful bacteria, fungi and pathogens. Practically everything we touch is sure to have bacteria and fungi on it.

Bacterias such as E.Coli and Staph can cause severe illness and are easy to contract when surfaces aren’t cleaned properly and regularly. Conventional disinfectants can quickly kill and reduce the number of bacteria however once the solution dries, the bacteria regrows and returns to unsafe levels. Disinfecting a surface every two hours is not an efficient use of anyone’s time, not to mention the negative effects of repeat exposure that toxic cleaners have on your health.

Our Vision

At V – Clean Technologies, we are committed to utilizing our patented technologies to reduce the presence and transfer of harmful microorganisms to help protect people, products, animals and the environment from disease and illness with NON-TOXIC, long lasting protection.

A Revolutionary Antimicrobial Formula

BIOPROTECT​​ ​is an EPA registered antimicrobial formula that provides long lasting protection against harmful microbes including bacteria, fungi, algae, and yeast. BIOPROTECT​’s versatility allows it to solve microbiological problems in many industries and applications. Stabilized with patented technology and optimized for the use and abuse of diverse end-uses and microbiological demands. BIOPROTECT’s ​​technology, by definition is REVOLUTIONARY. It is entirely unique compared to all other antimicrobial products on the market. It is a one of a kind, water based, surface protectant that forms a long lasting, persistent, continuous bond that inhibits the microbial growth on all applied surfaces. (including SARS Covid-2 / Covid-19)

Our Mission

At V - Clean Technologies we use our expertise, unique technologies, reliable service and product performance to:
  • Provide a safe & positive work place that enables our employees to reach corporate and personal goals
  • Provide a positive impact on humanity
  • Promote the public good in all that we do
  • Minimize our environmental footprint
  • Maximize our compliance with the principles of sustainability
  • Enhance the value of our company for our stock holders

The science

Traditional antimicrobial products work by penetrating living cells and killing using toxic chemicals which leach off surfaces. This outdated method was designed to work rapidly and disappear quickly to avoid harming those in contact with the product.
BIOPROTECT’S ​antimicrobial technology takes a completely different approach. Instead of delivering poison to kill microbes, it produces self-assembling monolayers that form a durable “killing field” that protects all coated surfaces from microbial attachment, colonization. This technology kills by mechanically piercing and rupturing the cell membrane of each microbe. This innovative technology prevents mutation, therefore no antimicrobial resistant strains or “superbugs” are created.
The tiny self assembling spikes that pierce and rupture the cell membrane are large enough to pierce the cell walls and small enough to be harm-free to large cells in mammals. These tiny self assembling spikes carry a strong positive charge that attracts negatively charged bacteria.


Conventional disinfectants and antimicrobials are effective while wet and quickly lose their efficacy as the solution dries.

BIOPROTECT’S a​ntimicrobial formula begins to perform and protect against harmful microbes as it dries on the applied surface.

The unique non-leaching and non-volatile formula has proven to remain effective at killing microbes and reducing odors for 90+ days on various surfaces.
(including SARS Covid-2 / Covid-19)

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